Patch Notes

Version 1.5 – Released 4/29/2018

  • Changed weapon swap mechanic. Can now press tab to cycle through available weapons or press the corresponding number key to swap.
  • Added crouch. You can now avoid enemy fire by ducking under it. Default button is ‘C’
  • Increased melee attack speed.
  • Flamethrower now shuts off while using melee attack
  • Can now run while using the special attack
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck in special attack mode
  • Pause menu options hooked up
  • Various bug fixes

      Version 1.4.5 – Released 4/26/2018

      • Main menu completely setup, all options should work correctly
      • Added damage effects for Phoenix
      • Flamethrower Turrets can be destroyed now
      • Fixed some issues with Phoenix’s ability to drop through platforms
      • Hellbringer now awards special attack charge upon killing a body part
      • Phoenix’s slam now shares charges with the dash attack
      • Added HUD indicator to track dash/slam charges
      • Tutorial text was added for gamepad instructions

        Version 1.4 – Released 4/22/2018

        • Added versioning system
        • Changed how dash works – Hold down button to go further, release to stop. Gets 2 charges then is on cooldown for 5 seconds.
        • Can now cancel special attack by pressing E a second time
        • Various fixes with special attack
        • Can now melee barrels & turrets. They turn red to indicate a hit.
        • Barrels can now blow each other up
        • Wings fade to red to help indicate jetpack time remaining
        • Reduced jetpack time
        • Increased movement/jetpack speed
        • Aiming with RMB/Right bumper now holds Phoenix in place similar to other side scroller games
        • Fixed several respawn issues
        • Added a badass new track from our composer, Matthew Harnage
        • Flamethrower improvements
        • Various fixes/changes to enemy AI
        • Various fixes with collisions
        • Various bug fixes